At Vive Rejuvenation our clients get fabulous, long lasting, balanced and natural looking results by combining Laser Skin Rejuvenation with injectables.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation with FRAXEL® and CUTERA® lasers improve the overall health of the skin by correcting underlying sun damage, rough texture, large pores, brown and red discoloration, laxity and wrinkles. The result is healthier, firmer, smoother skin, with a more consistent reflective complexion. Laser Skin Rejuvenation is the foundation of healthy skin and the first step to Look and Feel Fabulous.

Common areas of concern are frown lines, forehead lines, heavy brows, lines around the eyes,  and corners of the mouth. We can develop your plan that is safe and effective to get the results you want.

Dermal fillers help restore lost volume and hollowing as a result of aging. Loss of the fullness in the mid face area, over the cheeks and under the eyes, sagging around the mouth and along the jawline are common areas to treat and regain balance in the shape of the face. Results are immediate and long-lasting, with little to no downtime.  We offer the Cannula Injection Method for increased safety and less side effects for certain treatment areas.  Both our physicians and registered nurses are highly skilled and experienced injectors. Using Laser Skin Rejuvenation and injectables addresses all areas associated with aging and skin health for a well balanced, healthy, youthful appearance.  We can help you look and feel fabulous with a personalized plan that includes recommendations which treatments will work best for you.

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Dr. Patricia Connick and Dr. Wendy Tink, owners of Vive Rejuvenation, give medical guidance and ensure our talented staff follow our physician’s medical policy, procedure and protocol for a safe, effective and comfortable treatment every time you visit the Vive Rejuvenation Clinic.