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Six Core Elements to Look and Feel Fabulous

It’s All About Balance…. At Vive Rejuvenation, we believe in a balanced approach when taking care of our skin health and our appearance. At the Vive Rejuvenation Skin Rejuvenation Clinic we provide products and services that are safe and appropriate for our patients. We recommend following the 6 Core Elements to Look and Feel Fabulous

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Body Contouring Strategies with Venus Legacy

Aging, hormonal changes, weight fluctuations, changes in muscle mass, exercise frequency and genetics may all have an effect on our body shape.  A healthy balanced diet, maintaining your weight and being committed to daily regular exercise contribute to having a nice figure.  We may need extra help over particular areas where we tend to have

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5 Strategies to Help you "Look & Feel Fabulous This Fall"

5 Strategies to Help You Look and Feel Fabulous This Fall:   1. Medical Grade Skincare incorporates higher quality and higher levels of active ingredients, backed up by clinical studies, to give you REAL results. Apply an antioxidant vitamin C serum on clean skin in the morning to protect existing collagen and improve skin health.

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Thank You! Voted Top Cosmetic Clinic in Calgary!

We are very thankful to be Voted Top Cosmetic Clinic in Calgary by the TOP CHOICE AWARDS. Top Choice Awards collects and reviews the opinions of thousands of customers annually.  The results of those studies are used by companies to improve customer satisfaction and business development while the social promotion system gives customers the power to

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