Sun Damage

Brown and red discoloration, spider veins, leathery rough texture, wrinkles and laxity are all signs of damaged skin. The main contributor of sun damaged skin is the accumulated result of sun exposure over the years. The most common areas affected on the body are neck, chest, hands, arms and shoulders.
Our goal is to help our clients improve the health of the skin by providing the correct treatment for their particular issue. As skin health improves, it looks healthier, smoother, firmer and more reflective: We regularly treat the effects of sun damage and improve the overall health of the skin with Chemical peelsLimelightLaser GenesisVenus LegacyPICO Genesis™ and Pearl laser treatments.
Treatments are augmented by professional skincare products such as the ZO® Skin Health and ZO® Medical Skincare product lines along with the SkinTx Skin Treatment Skincare Program.  A professional line of skincare products designed to both rejuvenate and treat damaged skin with overall improvement of the health and appearance of the skin over a 4-6 month period. Daily sun protection is a must.

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