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Smooth and Glowing Skin with laser and medical aesthetics
Trim and Toned Body with CoolSculpting® and Venus Legacy
Refreshed Appearance with Botox Cosmetic®
Contour and Sculpt cheeks, lips, and jawline with Juvederm®
Enhance and Maintain with medical grade skincare and mineral makeup

Dr. Wendy Tink

Family Physician & Medical Director

Dr. Wendy Tink is Clinical Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Family Medicine, Master Teacher in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary, and Medical Director of Vive Rejuvenation. Dr. Tink ensures all within our team deliver safe, appropriate, high quality, patient centered medical and aesthetic care. She brings to Vive a passion for family medicine, and an overarching vision to develop a “Vive® Experience” where every patient feels at home.


Dr. Pat Connick

Family Physician

Dr. Pat Connick, CCFP, FCFP, DMTH, PGDIP, is a clinical lecturer in the Department of Family Medicine, Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary. Dr. Connick’s current focus is maintaining the high medical standard of care at the Vive® Rejuvenation Clinic. Her training in Practical Dermatology has given her the opportunity to gain expertise in the management of patients with skin.



The non-surgical and safe treatment to freeze away fat.


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Enlighten Laser

Safely remove or cover up tattoos with PICO+NANO technology.


Core elements to Look and Feel Fabulous!


Joy in life, inner peace, mindfulness and meaningful relationships may be the best elixir for a fabulous you.


Target lines that contribute to a stressed or tired look with BOTOX Cosmetic®.


Balance, contour and lift cheeks, jawline and lips with JUVEDERM® dermal fillers.


Rejuvenate collagen and reduce sun damage for healthy, smooth skin with LASER Treatments.


Enhance treatments with MEDICAL SKINCARE and MEDICAL AESTHETIC Treatments.


Reduce stubborn fat and contour the body with COOLSCULPTING®


We have been helping our clients Look & Feel Fabulous since 2007. We recognize the rejuvenation process is a step-wise journey for our clients, and we offer appropriate treatments and products for all ages and budgets with exceptional results and excellent value. The Vive® Team, comprised of highly skilled and experienced family physicians and health professionals, is fully committed to providing support and working with our clients to help them achieve their rejuvenation goals and realize their full potential.

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