Who We Treat

Skincare Treatments for Men, Women, and Teens

At Vive® Rejuvenation, we provide services for men and women of all ages, as well as teens and young adults, including medical-grade skincare products and treatments. Learn more about the demographics we help here!


Young Adults & Teens

(Ages 13-19)

Young skin deserves special consideration. Sensitivity, increased oil production, congestion, breakouts, moderate to severe acne, discoloration and scarring are some of the issues we commonly address. Our physicians and clinicians help you get your symptoms under control. We provide a complimentary consultation and skin analysis at which time our physicians and healthcare professionals will provide you with information and develop your personalized treatment plan including pharmaceutical grade skincare, prescription-grade topical medicated creams, and oral medication if needed. Preventative strategies are so important in this group, and we help educate our clients on the benefits of prevention from sun exposure, acne management to prevent scarring, and incorporating a healthy and consistent skincare regimen they can follow now and into the future.

Young Adults & Middle-Aged Adults

(Ages 20-40)

For early and middle-aged adults, an emphasis on managing skin is vital to long-term health. Much of our work with this demographic focuses on preventative treatments like OxyGeneo Facials, Chemical Peels, Microneedling, BOTOX COSMETIC® laser hair/tattoo removal and preventative skincare products/treatments. We emphasize healthy skincare habits that will help protect skin from scarring, sun damage, premature aging, wrinkles, and fine lines. Some patients also begin to experience hair loss near middle age, and we offer services for hair restoration.

Middle-Aged Adults & Mature Adults

(Ages 40-60)

As a medical spa and skin rejuvenation clinic, we place the utmost emphasis on quality, integrity, and customer experience. Our staff has witnessed a lack of trust and compassion in many areas of the beauty industry, and want Vive® to represent a friendly, compassionate, and reliable place for our clients. All of our services are held to the highest standard, and each product is carefully chosen based on verifiable results. To that end, we cherish the long-term relationships that our service has fostered with clients. We look forward to making many more clients happy in the future!

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