As fat pads and connective tissue deteriorate with aging, we notice signs of volume loss, loss of a rounded shape and loss of balance in the shape of the face. Examples of volume loss are: Hollows under the eyes; sunken cheeks; thinning lips; smile lines; lines over the upper lip; lines at the corners of the mouth; sagging jowls; loss of definition of the jawline. The result is a flatter, square shaped face with mid face hollows and sagging over the lower face and jawline.

With dermal filler treatments we help our clients regain and rebalance their features to a younger shaped silhouette, looking more lifted with a naturally rounded shape and fullness. Dermal filler is a clear, soft hyaluronic acid gel, safely injected by sterile needle or cannula into areas of volume loss along the brows, under eyes, over the mid face and cheek area, over nasolabial folds, around the mouth, jawline, chin and lips, immediately correcting volume loss and hollowing.  Our skilled and certified injectors strive for a subtle, elegant, balanced look, highlighting your own features without changing your appearance. We are trained in the MDCodes™ technique for The 8 Point Lift.

A combination of skin rejuvenation procedures, dermal filler treatments and neuromodulator anti-wrinkle treatments give a natural, balanced, and refreshed look.