Rejuvenation for Men

male vive jpegAt Vive Rejuvenation we have a substantial male client base.  Men feel comfortable in our clinic, they know they are getting good value, safe and appropriate treatments, and they are happy with a natural, firm, balanced, healthy, improved complexion.

A combination of treatments target all layers of the skin for a long lasting, natural look. FRAXEL RESURFACING LASER, removes sun damage, rough texture and tightens skin around the eyes and along the lower face and  jawline.

We have a series of before and after photos of one of our clients, age 50, with sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, laxity, volume loss, redness, and rough texture.  He had 2 Fraxel treatments over 2 months, followed with Botox and Juvederm procedures a month after the 2nd Fraxel.

Laser treatments are enhanced with neuromodulators that relax muscles over the forehead and around the eyes to soften forehead lines and crow’s feet; and JUVEDERM DERMAL FILLERS to correct volume loss, hollowing and sagging over the mid and lower face to restore a more youthful balanced shape of the face, is a popular treatment series for both men and women.


Visit our Men’s Page  on our website for more information on treatments and skincare. Stay tuned for more posts on popular treatments for men:

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