Fine Lines

Lines between brows, over the forehead, around the eyes, across the upper lip and around the mouth become more noticeable as we age.  Most of us feel we have earned the laugh and smile lines, but sometimes our clients will comment they have been told they look angry or have a negative look due to frown lines that have become static lines – present even when we are not concentrating or frowning.

Aging and thinning skin, lost collagen and past sun exposure may contribute to the development of fine lines.  We help our clients improve the overall health of the skin and renew collagen to contribute to healthier, firmer and smoother skin with renewed elasticity.  The fine lines are softened and the skin is rejuvenated for a fresh, well rested, natural and positive look. We help to minimize fine lines with laser treatments such as Laser GenesisVenus Legacy,  Pearl and PICO Genesis™ as well as the neuromodulator anti-wrinkle injection treatment onabotulinum toxin A. Book a consultation with one of our doctors to learn if injectables are right for you.

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