Body Shaping Education

We enjoyed an informativie presentation on our Oct. 23 Body Shaping Event from Dr. Patricia Connick and Rory Hornstein, RD.

L7_2212_headshots_0016Dr. Connick spoke on the UltraShape V3 permanent fat removal and body contouring treatment: safety, patient selection, treatment options, outcomes, and healthy lifestyle.



Rory spoke on healthy weight management guidelines, principles of mindful eating, avoiding Rory Hornstein RDfad diets including hCG, as studies show they are ineffective in long term weight loss in general, principles of intuitive eating, energy consumption over the day, resting metabolic rate, menopause, and eating right to reduce stress.

We had a lot of questions, which sparked some good discussion and learning for all.  A big thank you to both Dr. Connick and Rory for their expert advice!

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