Marnie Colborne


Marnie is an exceptionally talented Registered Nurse Injector at Vive. She holds a University of Alberta Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, First Class Standing with Honors. She has received numerous awards including the U of A Horizon Alumni Award and the U of A Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity Award. Marnie has clinical experience in acute medicine, wound care and specialized IV therapies, she has been an instructor and lecturer at the U of A, and she has published research on women’s health and aging in academic journals and presented her research internationally.

Marnie is passionate about using the combination of science and artistry, facial and body anatomy, and advanced injectable techniques to achieve natural results for her clients. Marnie feels it is important to look as vibrant as you feel, and to embrace your features whether through a slight enhancement, or by restoring and maintaining youthfulness. “When we are happy with who we are, we are able to contribute more in our day to day lives and make the world a better place”. Marnie is very comfortable with providing solutions for a wide range of client demographics, including age, gender, sexual orientation, culture, aesthetic preferences and goals.

Marnie works with each client to help them achieve their own version of looking fresh and feeling confident, and this is accomplished through a full face consultation, followed by a customized plan including BOTOX COSMETIC® and JUVEDERM® dermal fillers, along with skincare recommendations and skin rejuvenation strategies to enhance their results. She has advanced experience with neuromodulators, dermal fillers, collagen/ biostimulator injectables, deoxycholic acid treatments, PRP and microneedling techniques.

Marnie has extensive training in the PHI® and MD Codes® treatment methods to create advanced results that fit with your facial proportions and help you achieve your aesthetic goals. She has attended international training opportunities including the Master Beauty Advanced Injection Therapy Course with Dr. Arthur Swift in New York, NY and the Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Medical World Congress in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

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